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Foreign Investors

Foreign Investors

Investor Eligibility

There are three main requirements for those looking to invest through the EB-5 Program:
1. Background Check:
You must pass a background check performed by the U.S. government.
2. Lawful Source of Funds:
It is required that the investor be able to show that the funds they wish to invest were legally obtained. Doing so will include providing supporting documentation of the source of the funds. A qualified immigration attorney will be able to help determine and provide the required documentation.
3. Personal Qualification:
To invest through the EB-5 program the investor must be considered a qualifying investor based off of their net worth or meet the income requirements. There are other factors that also may help in determining whether or not an investor is considered qualified.

How will we help obtain a U.S. Visa

As the General Partner, Cloudseed is dedicated to helping you obtain your U.S. Visa by providing professional and experienced Management of the Limited Partnership. Duties include:

  • Using professionals to determine if proposed project meets minimum investment requirements;
  • Using econometric analysis to determine if proposed project meets EB-5 job creation requirements;
  • Monitor investment project and work with Developer to ensure financial performance objectives and job creation metrics are met;
  • Conduct Limited Partnership meeting as needed; provide and maintain books and records;
  • Retaining attorneys, auditors, and other professionals, as necessary, on behalf of the Limited Partnership.


What is the Process?

Step 1:
  • Contact Cloudseed International Fund for general EB-5 information.
  • Fill out and submit Investor Qualification Questionnaire to help determine eligibility for the EB-5 investment.
Step 2:
  • Hire designated representative or attorney to help review offering documents.
  • Upon determination of project suitability, investor submits investment and administrative fee to third party escrow.
Step 3:
  • With help of immigration attorney, prepare and file petition I-526 along with other required documentation to be submitted to USCIS.
  • Receive notice of USCIS decision.
Step 4:
  • Prepare for consulate interview if the investor resides outside the United States.
  • If the investor is residing within the United States, their immigration attorney can assist with visa status adjustments.
Step 5:
  • The investor’s immigration attorney will fill out petition I-829 to remove the conditions on the green card approximately three months before conditional green card expires
  • When petition I-829 is approved, the investor will receive a permanent green card.

What is the typical Timeline?

Cloudseed International Fund Immigration/Investment Procedure and Timeline

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