Lending Criteria

Cloudseed International Fund project consideration is based on 3 main criteria:

  • photodune-2997854-modern-skyscrapers-lA project must create 10 direct or indirect full-time jobs in the U.S. for every $500,000 USD borrowed as long as the project is in a rural or Targeted Employment Area (TEA).  If the project is not located in a rural area or TEA, then the project must create 10 direct or indirect full-time US jobs for every $1,000,000 USD borrowed.
  • Typical project loan amount minimum is $10,000,000 USD.
  • To give our investors the best chance to obtain their green card, the Cloudseed International Fund will only consider projects that have a high expectation for job creation and significant financial security.


Any other lending criteria will be considered by Cloudseed International Fund on a case by case basis.

Steps of the Process


Below are the typical steps for the EB-5 process with the Cloudseed International Fund:


Step 1:  Cloudseed International Fund and the Borrower agree on terms and execute project term sheet

Step 2:  Cloudseed begins marketing the project overseas

Step 3:  The USCIS begins reviewing investors for eligibility and upon individual approval, money is collected in escrow

Step 4:  The Funds are released from escrow, via third party verification, to the project

Step 5:  The borrower will provide Cloudseed International Fund with job creation information upon request

Step 6:  At the end of loan term, the Borrower will make a balloon payment to Cloudseed International Fund

General Project Parameters

Tower Crane

We believe that every project is unique.  Therefore, there is no set of rules that can apply to all projects. The following general parameters can help you determine whether EB-5 financing suits your project.  It is not necessary for a project to meet all of these parameters, but the more that are met, the better.

  • Groundbreaking projected 8-12 months in the future
  • Complete projected capital stack at the start of fundraising
  • Developer equity approximately 10% to 20% of total project cost
  • Clear 5 to 6 year exit strategy for EB-5 investors
  • Proven track record of similar successful projects
  • Experienced project team
  • Proven market demand with strong sub-market fundamentals
  • Regulatory approvals in place
  • Strong government support and/or participation (can range from letters of support to actual financing, grants, or land contribution)